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Questions.  We all have them.  In this day and age you can get a lot of your questions answered with the help of Google and Alexa.  But when it is a little more complicated than knowing what the weather will be tomorrow, it’s good to know an attorney is just a phone call away.  So call, set up your appointment, and you can usually have your question(s) answered within a short period after making your call.

Whether the attorney represents you throughout the sales/purchase process, prepares a document for you, helps you foreclose due to a promissory note not being paid, helps you stop a foreclosure, helps you through a situation where a business partner wants to enter/exit your company, or simply provide you with a consultation, you will be in a much better position than you would be if you attempted to do it alone.

Whatever your situation is, just rest assured The Law Office of Ramon Vega III, PLLC is here to help you through it, talk you through it, and then help you take action.  So Don’t Delay – Call Today!

Real Estate

If you’re dealing with real estate, it can be inherently complicated, and there are many processes and clerical steps that you have to take in order to properly address your specific real estate situation.   You may feel a bit overwhelmed and you’re wondering if you should talk to someone first before you talk to the other side.  Taking this challenge on without a lawyer can lead to mistakes, and given the importance of this matter, no one can afford such errors.  Don’t go at it alone.  Knowing how the process works before you enter into a transaction is half the battle.  So Don’t Delay – Call Today!

Business Law

If you’re dealing with a business matter, Businesses operate in a complex world of rules, regulations and contracts.  You can have sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLC), professional limited liability company’s (PLLC), corporations, general partnerships, and limited partnerships to name a few.  Some people choose to operate with a sole proprietorship, not realizing that they are personally responsible for the debts of the company.  This can subject your personal assets to creditors should something go wrong.  A simple solution may be to form an LLC and have limited liability.  Furthermore, companies can sometimes face many unique issues that don’t have intuitive solutions. And forming a business sometimes requires a lot of focus, determination and legal support, and then nurturing that new business so that it becomes a profitable staple of the community is even more challenging.  We can work together to evaluate your business and address the key concerns that you have about formation and operation.  So Don’t Delay – Call Today!